The SaniGuard® Home Flu Protection Kit


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The SaniGuard® Home Flu Protection Kit works everywhere in your home because that’s precisely where the Influenza Viruses Lives – everywhere. Using the combination of the SaniGuard® Direct Spray and the Total Release Fogger you can protect your entire home from millions of germs, bacteria, and viruses during this cold and flu season. This simple and effective regiment can be used once a month to help keep your home as virus free as possible.

(4) 3oz Foggers – ideal for each bedroom
(3) 8oz Fogger – designed for larger living spaces like living & dining room
(1) 10oz House Spray – perfect for door knobs, light switches, remote, etc.

Covers 2500 square feet of living space

ALL foggers are now unavailable until the new product label is approved by the EPA.