staphSaniGuard Sanitizing Spray destroys the bacteria that causes Staph. SaniGuard’s sanitizing product kills bacteria on surfaces where staphylococcus aureus bacteria lives!

SaniGuard Sanitizing Spray is effective against the spread of staphylococcus aureus bacteria, more commonly known as Staph.Staph bacterium is common and causes infection when it enters the body when coming in contact with something which is contaminated with the Staphylococcus Bacteria. SaniGuard Kills Staphylococcus on bacteria contaminated surfaces.

SaniGuard kills Staph Bacteria, which is the leading cause of food poisoning, and considered the cause of life threatening illnesses like Pneumonia and Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS). Staph Infection also causes bone infections (osteomyelitis), mastitis in nursing mothers, endocarditis (infection of the inside of the heart), and bacteremia (blood infection). People who are at heightened risk are people with weak immune systems.

SaniGuard can help stop the spread of drug-resistant strains of staph by sanitizing surfaces suspected of having staph bacteria contamination and thus preventing the illness and subsequent antibiotic treatment of staph infection. Drug resistant strains of staph have been attributed to the overuse of common antibiotics. Drug Resistant strains are hard to treat because they have adapted to the common antibiotics used to treat staph infections. Drug resistant staph may require the victim to be hospitalized. The common use of antibiotics produces a bacteria which is resistant to treatment by drugs. It makes much more sense to prevent the illness, so that treatment of a Staph Infection with Antibiotics is not required.