Sanitize Your Home

Dear Friend, You should be extremely concerned. 
The health of your family is at stake. What I’m about to share with you is extremely upsetting. I’m still angry, and it’s been months since I found out. I’ll get right to the point. You’ve been lied to! The disinfectant you’re using to clean your home doesn’t work. It is not the answer.

Imagine. You’re spending hours each week cleaning your home. You feel as though you’ve eliminated the risks. You trust that your disinfectant is working, yet. It’s not doing a thing to keep your family safe. Can you believe it? – All this time, you haven’t been killing the germs. You’re just spreading them around. – Your home is still infested with all sorts of germs, bacteria, viruses. mold & mildew too. That’s why we keep getting sick. It’s why colds, the Flu, Strep, and Staph infections quickly travel from person to person. Here’s the truth.

“The Big Companies That Sell Disinfectants Have Been Manipulating Us. They Are Telling Half-Truths. As A Result, We All Have A False Sense Of Security.”

It’s true, your kids are not protected like you think they are! Think about it. Has a cold or flu ever “run” through your family? Silly question right? It happens all the time, especially if you have children in daycare or going to school.

My name is Lori Stevenson. My husband and I have two children, David and Jessica. I stay home with them while he runs his graphic design business. I truly adore my family, and want to help you protect yours. I still remember, early this year, when my 6 year old son David got the flu. We all got really, really sick. It was miserable. Vomiting, fever, the chills.Diarrhea. Jessica, our 7 month old, took the longest to recover. 10 full days. I’m furious. It was totally unnecessary. That’s right, your family does not have to suffer from regular colds and flu. No more sniffles, coughing and aching from fever. You see… Disinfectants don’t do what we want them to. I’ve discovered a solution that hospitals have been using for years, something that we can now use at home. It instantly eliminates germs, bacteria and viruses. Your family really can be protected. This is so important. Please listen closely… Just a few weeks after we recovered, I saw a news special on TV. They were talking about how common germs are, how dangerous they’ve become, and why it’s so important to eliminate them. I watched with great interest. Here’s what I found out. Researchers from the University of Arizona just completed a 4-year study. They tested all sorts of things, to see how contaminated they were. Things like. Kids Toys, Elevator Buttons, Restaurant Tables, School Books, Telephones, Restrooms, Playground Equipment, ATM Machines.

What They Found Was Frightening. Every Item Tested Was Covered With One Or More Of The Following. Bacteria – Germs – Saliva – Urine – Mucous – Viruses

Just the thought of it makes me shudder. At first I didn’t want to think about it, but then I realized how important it was to find an effective solution. I am so thankful I found one, because. It gets worse. During the study, they had participants put a traceable substance on their hands. Each person was sent home and told to. “Just do what you normally do.” After 30 minutes, researchers went into their homes. They found that, on average, each person had touched 287 surfaces! That’s right. 287 surfaces contaminated in less than 30 minutes. I never dreamed that something could spread through the house so fast.

Touching Germs

“That’s Why Colds and Flu Travel So Quickly, From Person to Person. That’s Why We Keep Getting Sick!”

Think about the places you touch every day. Gas pumps. Shopping carts, bank machines. They’re all covered with germs and bacteria. Without even knowing it you’re contaminating your hands, coming home, and spreading all those nasty things around the house. Researchers actually said.

“You’d be better off eating a carrot after it fell in your toilet, than one that rolled into your sink!”

That’s right. As disgusting as it sounds, your kitchen sink actually has more germs in it than your toilet. And get this – it’s not the only place. – Telephones – Video Game Controllers – Refrigerator Door Handles – And you know what else?

Your TV Remote Is Also Contaminated With Millions Of Disease-Causing Germs, Bacteria And Viruses! Not To Mention. Your Desk – Your Keyboard – Your Mouse
The Ones You’re Using Right Now

They All Have More Germs, More Bacteria, And A Higher Virus Count Than Your Toilet!

Unbelievable isn’t it? How can this be? Here’s how the researchers explained it… Everyone worries about germs in the bathroom, so toilets get cleaned all the time. But what about the remote, the keyboard, the mouse. we never clean them. The Bacteria, Germs and Viruses Accumulate and Multiply! Don’t forget your husband’s desk at work. How many hands have already touched the papers on his desk. The keyboard, calculator and phone? When was the last time anything on his desk was cleaned? Does anyone else use your computer or phone? You can’t possibly know what’s on their hands. It’s awful to think about, isn’t it? It’s okay. In just a minute I’m going tell you what doctors use every single day in their waiting rooms. Now you can use it at home and instantly kill every last germ. First let me ask you. Do your kids play video games? When I first heard this, I immediately thought about my eight-year-old and his friends huddled in front of the TV, playing Nintendo. Passing the controller back and forth. Do you have an infant in your home? I also imagined my 10-month old pulling herself up at the coffee table… Reaching for the TV remote and getting it in her mouth before I can grab it. Do you have Pets? Where have their paws been? What about your keyboard? In our home we are constantly on the computer. We use if for business, for homework, checking email and of course the Internet.

Think Of The All The Germs Breeding! So Unsanitary! Totally Unsafe!
How Will You Feel The Next Time One Of Your Kids Gets Sick?

Something has to be done! The trouble is, we use these things every day and they aren’t so easy to clean. My husband would shoot me if I used a wet spray on the keyboard or computer. Your Keyboard is highly contaminated. Sanitize it with a “dry-on-contact” spray.We shouldn’t use wet cleaners on anything electrical or electronic, yet they need to be cleaned. How do you clean a computer keyboard? How do you get between every key, in every crevice? How can you disinfect the stereo or your TV remote? I went on a mission to find the answer. There I was, standing in Walmart looking at rows of disinfectants and cleaners. They had everything. One for the kitchen. One for the bathroom. One for “everywhere else.” Each one promised to kill the germs, but they’re all wet sprays. Liquid products. None of them should be used on electronics or electrical items.

I Carefully Read Each Label, And Became Quite Upset When I Discovered That. Disinfectants Don’t Work Unless You Let Them Sit For Ten Minutes!

Here’s the exact wording.

Lysol Directions

That means a quick spray of Lysol® doesn’t do anything.

You have to. Spray it on the surface for 2-3 seconds. – Makes the surface really wet.

Let it sit for 10 minutes while it “air dries.” – Who has the time for that?

Watch your kids and pets carefully. – This stuff is toxic! Let me say it again. Wiping things down with a disinfectant doesn’t kill the germs. It just spreads them around.

I Was Livid! They Put Commercials on TV. They Put Ads in Magazines. All Promising To Keep Us Safe And Healthy. Not Once Do They Mention The “Fine Print!”

Imagine. door knobs, light switches, countertops. All unsafe. Truly, I couldn’t stand it. The thought of Jessica. – Putting her fingers in her mouth. – Touching things – Wiping her eyes. What about your kids?

“This Is NOT Acceptable. There Has To Be A Safe AND Effective Way to Kill Germs. Our Families Are Way Too Important.”

It did take awhile, but I finally found the solution. Once I tell you about it, you’ll be excited as I am. Here goes. Hospitals have been using it for more than 10 years. It’s NOT a disinfectant. It’s a Sanitizer! That’s the key. A disinfectant might kill the germs, but it has to stay wet, on the surface, for 10 minutes. NO EXCEPTIONS. A sanitizer kills germs quickly. There’s no “10-minute” waiting period. In fact.

The Center For Disease Control Recommends Sanitizing Over Disinfecting.
In Other Words. You Should Be Using A Sanitizer, NOT A Disinfectant!

That’s why I was thrilled to find SaniGuard. It’s a sanitizer that hospitals have used faithfully for over 10 years! They use it because it’s the ONLY sanitizer that. – Works in just 45 seconds! – Is a“Dry-On-Contact” Spray! That means we can use it everywhere! On stereos, video game controllers, remotes, speakers, light switches, door knobs, the TV, your computer… Anything. YES, even your keyboard! You can use it on paper too – Think about how many hands touch office paperwork. I’ve never seen anything like it! As soon as the spray hits the surface, it dries. – You no longer have to worry about germs lingering in your home. – There’s no waiting, no wiping, no watermarks. – Just spray, and go.

In 45 Seconds, Germs, Viruses, And Bacteria, Are DEAD! No Worrying If You Left It On Long Enough.
No Wondering. Is It Really Working? You’ll Be 100% Certain That Your Home Is Safe!

How does it work? Here’s how they explain it.

Our proprietary formula is not water-based like other products. SaniGuard quickly penetrates the waxy coating on pathogens (disease-causing organisms) killing them within seconds of contact. In addition, SaniGuard's active ingredient is a unique quaternary compound that is more potent, yet as safe as traditional alkyl benzyl solutions.

All I know is, I’m thrilled with how easy it is to use. Seriously, there’s no worries.

It’s Safe Around Kids and Pets. No Worrying About Little Fingers or Paws Getting Into Dangerous, Wet Chemicals. It’s EPA Tested And Proven 100% Non-Toxic. It’s Even Approved For “Food Contact Surfaces.”

When preparing food, there’s always the concern of bacteria and E-coli. E-coli and bacteria are always a concern when preparing food. Not any more. Just wipe off the counter. Give it a quick spray and the bacteria will be killed instantly. Seriously, you can use this on any surface. Wood furniture. Painted surfaces. Anything – Everywhere! There’s no harsh disinfectant smell. In fact, it’s odorless. And get this. SaniGuard Has An “EXTENDED KILL TIME” It Keeps Killing Germs For 24 Hours.

It’s so easy to use. But even better. It works! Here’s what one concerned mom had to say about using SaniGuard instead of Lysol®.

No Colds. No Stomach Flu. Nothing! I used to use Lysol, but now I use SaniGuard every week when I clean.I just clean the surfaces, spray it on, and I'm done. Does it work? Well, we always get flu shots, but we still managed to get sick with something each year. This year, after using SaniGuard, we didn't get sick once. No colds, no stomach flu, nothing!

There are so many ways to use it.

You can. – Sanitize before moving into a new home or apartment – Clean out mold and mildew from your air ducts. – Clean up after children’s parties – Sanitize hotel rooms You can also get a travel-size spray. It’s great for. – Restaurants – high chairs, table tops, booster seats – ATM machines – Changing tables – Public restrooms It’s perfect! Just tuck it in your purse or your pocket. Use it anytime. Anywhere. Really sounds good doesn’t it? Until recently, it’s only been available to hospitals, schools, doctors offices, etc. It’s just recently been made available to the public. Now we can use it in our homes. It is so reassuring to know thousands of hospitals and medical professionals trust SaniGuard. According to Karen, the receptionist at SaniGuard, they especially love, “The Fogger.”

We use a SaniGuard fogger every night in the Waiting Room! “I work for a doctors' office. Before we turn out the lights and go home, we release a SaniGuard Total Release fogger in the waiting area. It helps prevent the germs from spreading from patient to patient.

Nobody else offers anything like the SaniGuard fogger.

Germs And Bacteria Breed Fast. They Spread Like Wildfire. Unless You Sanitize Every Inch Of Your Home, They Continue To Multiply. Nothing On The Market Can Stop This… Except The SaniGuard Fogger!
It’s true! “The Fogger” A Whole New Way To Sanitize

They developed a brand new technology, a whole new way of sanitizing. It “fogs” the room by releasing a super-fine mist that reaches every surface – every tiny crevice. Absolutely nothing is missed. In just minutes, every last inch of your house is left sanitized. There really is nothing else like it. Also. The next time one of your kids gets sick, you won’t have to worry. Just use a SaniGuard fogger and instantly stop their germs from spreading to other family members! That’s right.

Just Set The Fogger, Press The Button, And You’ll Quickly Have A Germ-Free Room. Everything Will Be 100% Sanitized.

No worries that you missed a spot. It is such a powerful tool for keeping your family safe. Read this real-life testimonial from Darlene in Modesto.

I was so tired of everyone getting sick in our house. It was exhausting! That’s why I was so excited to try SaniGuard’s fogger.The last time my daughter came home sick from school, I used it downstairs to kill all the germs. That was that…no one else got sick. These things are fantastic!

As soon as people hear about this, they want to sanitize their entire home. How would it feel knowing that your entire home is completely free of germs, bacteria and viruses?

There’s No Question. Your Family’s Health Is At Risk.

I can’t stress this enough. You need to use a sanitizer. As you can tell, I believe SaniGuard is the only answer. Why?

  • It works FAST – in just 45 seconds!
  • It continues to kill germs and bacteria – for up to 24 hours!
  • The unique, dry-on-contact spray can be used EVERYWHERE.
  • And their one-of-a-kind fogger sanitizes every inch of your home in minutes!

Remember, no one has their formula. No one else uses their technology. No other product will protect your family like SaniGuard. Now, here’s the thing. Originally, I contacted the company to thank them for offering this to everyone, not just to places like hospitals and schools. When I did, they asked me if I would consider writing a letter. They wanted me to explain why I feel everyone should use their products. They were hoping to use it in their promotions.

As you can see I agreed, but under one condition. I didn’t want any money, I just wanted them to keep their products affordable. I asked them to put together a nice little package, at a special price. That was the only way I’d let them use my letter. I know you want to protect your family and I believe SaniGuard is the only answer. They told me they’d do anything “to get it out there” and worked to put together the perfect starter kit. It’s called the “Sanitize Now” pack.

Here’s what you get.

THREE 3 oz Foggers – ONE 8 oz Fogger – ONE 10 oz Spray
Bought separately, the total package would cost $59.00.

Get It Now – Sanitize Your Entire Home – Pay Just $49.00. You Will Never Get a Better Price But You Must Buy Now.

Why Take Risks With Your Family’s Health?

Completely Sanitize Your Home For Just $49.00!

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All the best, Lori Stevenson

PS: Our children are gifts. In my heart I know that SaniGuard can really help us protect and care for them. That’s why I’ve written this letter. I sincerely hope you’ll make this purchase. PPS: Concerned moms across America are raving about SaniGuard. They go to bed at night knowing that their children are the most protected on the block. You can have that same peace of mind.